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...cHiLL..sTuPoR..LeTTiNg Go...

wel..its actually juz nothing..dh lme x mnaip n mnulis kt cni..windu lak wase tbe2..btw..the title is based on a poem entitle after great pain, a formal feeling comes by emily dickinson where i think its really related with me..i once feel the pain..it takes lots of time to heal the pain where at last, i start to let it go..dlu..rse cm x cye sbnrnye aku akn leh lpskn sumenye..yela..cm bnegong je..knon cnta sparuh mati...huahuahua..its now almost a year n i start to accept it..even not at all...huhuhu..sumtimes, ada gk rse tringt..tpu ah kalu x ingt lasum kn? tp 2la..i hev 2 try 2 avoid it..n now..i try to live my life happily..hope he's like dat to..watever epen between us b4 dis, i'll take it as a challenge to perform me to be a person that full of patience..thanx to u my mr ex..hehehehe

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