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i was so shocked reading the msg from my abah..is dat true? bace byk kali dh tp stil..msg 2 sme..ades!! cm x cye je..dats the 1st time im having a conversation like dat with abah..even its not face 2 face..but stil..rse cm x cye..huhuhu...abah dh bg kebnran..abah dh say yes..abah dh bg green lite..things dat abah never said stret forward 2 me b4..so..all i have 2 do is to menten it...& i hope..i really hope dat i can menten it..mgkn abah rse dh tbe mse utk ckp psl bnde2 g2 dgn aku..mgkn abah rse aku dh bsr skg..mgkn abah rse dh smpai mse utk ckp hal 2 dgn aku..walopom terkejut..terkedu..terkesima & terspeechless smlm..tp aku tau..abah is trying to do his best 4 me..by be by my side..by listening 2 wat my probs r..by doing everything he can even though there already so many things he did 4 me all this while..i love u abah..love u so much!! i never said dis 2 u but u r the best abah in da world!! kak sayang abah sangat2!! muahhhhx!!

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MeMeR said...

Apakh itu??ayah kau suruh kau kawin kah??haha

...CiKdiDa... said...

ish..ko ni memer...x la..kalu abah aku srh kwin..mmg cpt je aku ckp yes...hahaha

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