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no matter wat epen..life must go on rite? well..trying 2 live my life now..its my final year here..in upm..supposed 2 have lotsa epi memories wif people around me..but frankly speaking.. i dont think i have lots of epi memories here..final year..we r supposed 2 decide where we wanna go 4 our latihan mengajar..all of us have 2 go to malacca..wel..malacca is not a big state aite? but still..me n my partner donno where 2 go..dats bcoz..we hev 2 b in atlis 6/8 per grup so dat dis grup wil b sent 2 same area..but..our prob is..its juz TWO of us! me n my partner only! nobody want 2 b wif us..uh! cius rase sgt2 terbuang! sdey! kuciwa..sume ada..ok..we know who we r..kami ni mgkin x se geng dgn kamu..mgkin x setaraf dgn kamu..n dats y..kami x leh join kamu.ok..fine..but frankly speaking..never tot dis wil epen 2 us..huuuu~ sdey oo ble terbuang gni..rse cm decide nk g jauh dr org..sng! x perlu pk psl org len..psl bnde len..juz TWO of us! :(

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