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Happy birthday hubby.!

Birthday hubby dah a month lepas. Hubby is today 28 years 1month and 2 days. ooh, you are old hubby! hahaha.

Time birthday hubby we cant celebrate it together sebab die kat bintulu and saya kat besut. So no celebration. Gift pon post je. Wuwuwu.

So bile hubby balik aritu, i bought a slice of blueberry cheese from secret recipe and put a candle on it. Then panggil hubby masok bilik and he was shocked to see the cake Hohoho. Suprise saya menjadi. Yeyeye.! 

I asked him to blow the candle and here is the photo.

Comey pulak saya tengok hubby saya masa ni. Hahaha.

Then we enjoyed the cake together. Ooh, not to forget, this was a double celebrations sebab sekali dengan our 2-years- of-knowing-each-other. So there's one more slice of chocolate indulgence. and to let you know, the cakes felt much more sweeter when we ate them together.
 *bajet jiwang and nak bagi korang jeles. Hahaha*

So, there it was. Small celebrations untuk cover birthday hubby and our anniversary yang tak dapat di sambut sesame aritu. 

** asik makan kek je. camne tak gemok? ngehehehehehe

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