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what i did to get you

dear anakanda,

i wrote this for you to let you know how your bonda and daddy struggled so hard to have you in our life. our hard work started when your daddy and i decided to go for a check up after half a year of our marriage. because we made a deal, if im not pregnant within 6 months, we will go and check ourselves. to see whether we have problem or not, to get to know whether there's anything wrong with us or not. 

so in december 2012, we went to pusat perubatan annisa kota bharu. it was on 11.12.2012. we were having problem in finding the place at first but at last we managed to be there. it was a maternity clinic so i saw lots of pregnant women there and that made me felt low self esteem as i went there too but im not pregnant yet. huhu. then, we met the doctor. after we told her our problem, i was asked to take clomid, a pill for fertility. that day was my 3rd day on period. and the pill supposedly taken on the 2nd day. but the doctor said its ok to take it on the 3rd day. so i took the pill for 5 days. 1 for each day, after dinner. frankly speaking that is my first time doing serious thing to get you and of course the feeling is so mixed up. 


then, on 19.12.12, we went there again for 2nd check up. this time, the doc did some ivs on me. she use a spectrum to do the scanning. then she said things that really made me felt down. i was diagnosed to have a retroverted uterus. *read more about retroverted uterus here*

kiri (normal uterus) : terletak atas pundi kencing.
kanan (retroverted uterus) 

 she said that by having retroverted uterus, the chances for me to get pregnant is quite difficult. its not imposibble but it will take time. and she also told me that the size of my ovum was small. oo my god.! its like i was punched at the face at that moment. only Allah knows what i felt. and knowing that made me cried all the way long from clinic annisa to your grandma's house. even your daddy didn't know what he should do to calm me down. huhuhu. i cried my heart out because im scared. im scared of thinking that i might not be able to get you. im scared to think of the possibility being hated by others. im scared of thinking that your daddy might leave me. so many thoughts in my mind and i really felt depressed. daddy kept saying don't worry. one day we will have you. hold on to the faith. ooh, forgot to tell you that we need to go for the 3rd check up on 26.12.2012. 

on 26.12.12, we went there. the doctor scanned again and this time, my ovum was bigger than before. its now 20ml. then i was injected with an injection. *forgot the name* but still, after doing that, you are still not coming. so i was kinda stop hoping and feeling down to do anything bout it but daddy asked me to keep trying.

even though i had no feeling to try anymore, your daddy kept asking me to be patient, to keep trying and looking at how passionate he is, i took the clomid again. on the second day of period for 5 days. and on 30.1.12 i went for a blood test on the cycle day 21 to check the hormones. the result came out on 11.02.13 and alhamdulillah, i have no other problems related to the hormones. *yey...! im normal.!* ooh, by the way, lupa nak cakap. i also took acid folic pills started from august 2012.

i told your daddy that i want to stop taking clomid as i dont like to eat pills and he scolded me. hahaha. after my period for february ends, i went to a midwife. your nenda said she is a good one. said your nenda. "try la mengurut. sebab biasanya dengan bidan ni, cepat lekat". so i followed the suggestion. and i went to see her on 21.02.2013. she said i have medu. *hard to translate in english. muehehe.* but its something related to "angin dalam badan". and it might kills the ovum. ohoho..! scary but maybe because i'm on a very positive mood at that moment, i felt nothing and it didn't make me sad even a bit. ngehehe. *positifnya bonda? haha*

when march came, im kinda a bit nervous waiting for my period. it should came on march 10 but it didn't come! perghhhh.! im soooo and sooooo nervous. i didn't think that im pregnant as there was no 
sign at all. except for the feeling of so tired and mild pms but i thought that because i have lots of works to do at the school and the mild pms was a sign for my period. the everyday conversation with your daddy is about you. erm, actually i tried not to talk about it but i cant keep all the words to myself. hahaha. i told daddy that i cant wait to do the upt test. *just to make sure whether im pregnant or not.*

when my period delayed, at first i thought to wait for your daddy to come home first before i do the test. but its still a week before he come home. so on friday, 15.03.2013, when i woke up early in the morning, i decided to do the upt test. Allah knows how nervous i am at that time. and after i did the test, this was the result.

Ya Allah. im shocked. i cried and the hands were shaking. alhamdulillah. at last. YOU gave me this feeling Ya Allah. Thank you so much.! 

then i whats apps your daddy to show the picture above. and he called. he said congratulation. me? crying. shaking. laughing. all at the same time. *cam tak betol je.* hahaha. 

ya Allah, 
semoga Engkau kukuhkan anakanda dalam rahim ku sehingga cukup 9 bulan usianya. semoga perjalanan aku membawa anakanda ke dunia ni dipermudahkan. dan semoga aku di kurniakan ketabahan yang lebih untuk mengharungi hari2 bersama anakanda sendirian tanpa suami di sisi. kurniakan kami anak yang sihat sempurna dan soleh solehah ya Allah. aamiin. aamin. aamiin. terima kasih atas kurnianMu ini. 

so anakanda, that's basically some of the things i did to get you. bile dah pregnant ni, daddy selalu cakap kat bonda, next year boleh la beranak lagi. hoho. senang ye daddy? nak dapatkan anakanda sorang ni pon 10 bulan bonda tunggu and susah hati tau. hehe. membesar lah dengan sihat dan kuat ye anakanda? bonda will make sure you get all the things needed. i'll take a very good care of you sayang. 

salam sayang,
bonda yang tak sabar tunggu anakanda lahir. 

**entri selebihnye pasal positif pregnant ni leh bace kat sini.

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izaFiza said...

Tacing habes aunty..Alhamdulillah. Hope ur bonda kuat dan tabah sehingga kamu keluar. Amin.

Cikdida Syuhada said...

aamiin. auntie pon leh la try cm bonda try..:)

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