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hey..! its our second year.!


second year as hubby and wifey. still a long journey ahead. may Allah bless our marriage and love till jannah. aamiin. 

2 years ago.

selamat ulang tahun perkahwinan yang kedua cinta hati.

i love you once.

i love you now. 

i still love you.

and i will always love you.

my one and only mohd afiq ruzme b. supi.

be blessed with one cute daughter in 2 years of marriage is a total happiness.
afia nur syifa' bt mohd afiq ruzme.

and hubby, more children to come. beware.! miahahahahahahhaha..!

** on this 2 years anniversary, i celebrated it with this. (marking students papers. uhhhh!!) bile nak abis ni??

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IMaH said...

happy 2nd anniversary =). smga kekal bahagia hingga ke jannah..

emmireld babystore said...

jom tgk baju raya comel2 http://emmireldstore.blogspot.com/

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