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My bf journey (first one year)

Sharing my breastfeeding story.

My up and down.

My joy and tears.

This is my baby. Afia nur syifa'.

 She's now 13m 2w 6d. Fully bf girl. Alhamdulillah.

There were sooo many happy and sad things during this first one year of our bf journey.

I aimed to bf her for 2years. With the hope that she will accept both b (breast and bottle).

However, since she was 3m (when i started working), she rejected to DL (direct latch). I tried all ways i've been told to make her DL again (skin to skin, feeding while she's sleepy or too hungry, dont do bottlefeed, stop using pacifier, take bath without using showet foam, feeding her using spoon, etc) but still didnt work. But i am quite lucky as she still DL at night. 

When i first realized she rejected to DL, i cried my heart out. Felt so stress as i'm afraid it will reduce my supple. I regretted the day i follow people's idea to give her bottle and pacifier. And DL became the most sensitive issue to me. 😭😭😭

But, bcoz i want her to get the best, i tried to be positive to be an EP Mom. To maintain my supply, i kept pumping. 5 times a day. 

Felt so motivated when i saw the pictures above. But then, when afia was 6/7m, i had problems with the pump i used. Rumble tuff and irish. These really made me demotivated. But hubby gave permission to buy new pump so i bought autumnz passion (why dont i accept his offer to buy medela freestyle?? Arghhhh!!). New pump arrived and schedule kept on going even sometimes i only got 1-2oz when pumping.

 To tell you the truth, there were sooo many times (i really mean the word many there)i felt like giving up to always pump and pump (usually when i have too many works at school or when im too tired and having enough rest)And of course, all the obstacles made me felt very stress and it can be seen in my production of the milk. The decrease of the supply and also imbalance production of the milk. πŸ˜“

But when i looked at afia, the urge to give her what she should get cannot be stopped. And that thing kept me motivated to pump again and again.

After doing all these thing, i slowly can accept the fact that i will be an EP Mom until she wean off. But guess what?? After 9m being a bottlefeed baby, at her age of 12m 1w, afia started to DL again.! At first i thought she just want to play but its not! She still DL up until now and i seriuosly hope its until she's 2y/o. Ibu really dont mind to be bitten by you afia (but not too hard ok. Hahahaha.!)

Now, I still do the pumping session but now its 3 times a day and the rest, she will DL. I am seriously a super happy mom now! And for sure, I can go anywhere without thinking much about pumping and the milk. Yeyyyy..!

So. Thats my bf journey with my first daughter. Deep down in my heart, i really hope i can bf her as long as she want and the milk will always there for her (and her siblings too). Aamiin.

**i think, if you are in my situation like i mention above, the key is DO NOT GIVE UP. You might be so tired until you want to puke when you pump. But trust me, look at your baby and all the tiredness will fade away. And for afia, let us make this a beautiful journey for us. Ibu loves you baby.

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Wahnan Asliyam said...

Huhu...syoknye... Kte pn tgah berusaha sebaik mngkin nk bf. Skrg tgah tintong susu x bnyaj kluar. Kdang pam dpt kurang 2oz je. Risau nnti nk msuk keje... Huhu.. Baby pn kdang nangis2 sbb susu x kluar sgt. Stress pn ade ldang... Mudahan tetap tabah untk bf die..aminnn.. Tq fir the sharing dida...

Dida Syuhada said...

Hajar dalam pantang lagi kan? Takpe. Keep pumping and jangan putus asa. Baby boy memang kuat sikit menyusu.

eamy milea said...

tahniah ticer dida....:)

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