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happy third anniversary!

come hell or high water,
i know and i do know,
YOU are the man, 
the ONLY man,
that i want to spend my life with,
for the rest of it.

dear beloved hubby,

may you and me, 
forever in love.
may you and me,
shower by the blessings of the people around us.
may this marriage, 
be blessed by half dozen of the kids.
and may this marriage,
ends in JANNAH.


i love you mohd afiq ruzme.
i love you sooo much.!

happy 3rd anniversary b.  
lets grow old and fatter together.! huahuahua

**cepat la cuti. rindu sheben.. (gediksss skit. hahahaha)


2 juri awam:

Hamelia Hamid said...

happy anniversary

Dida Syuhada said...

Tq emi..:)

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