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Hubby 31st birth day.

Hubby came home on his birthday. Arrived home around 9.30pm. I didnt plan any celebration for him as i was quite late.
What i do was..
When he arrived, i asked afia to give him a chocolate bouquet. Right after we opened the door. He looked stumble and quite shock. Maybe he wasnt expect that from us. Hehehe
His chocolate bouquet. Hubby is a big fan of chocolate so this wasnt a waste. 

The next day, i had a programme at school so we can go hang out. After the programme, we went to my in laws house and stayed there until magrib. 

When we reached home, i gave him this.

We shared this slice of cake while watching tv. Afia was soundly sleeping so it was kind of a date for us. Hehehe.

I bought him a shirt (which i forgot to snap a pic of it).

That was a very simple celebration in limitation of time we had. I hope hubby loves it even its not really a celebration. 

4years of celebrating his birthday. More to count.

May my hubby is always in great health. Successful in everything he did. Aamiin.

** The chocolate bouquet wasnt make by me. I ordered them. Not creative enough to do it. Hahaha. 

Ps: dah berkurun entri ni kat draft. Baru bleh update.

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